Floral Tribute

I've been working on these speculative card designs and am quite pleased with them... a bit of texture, a bit scrawlier than usual...


There Is No Path...

Last week I had a papercut commission from a lovely lady I met earlier in the year on my yoga holiday on Silver Island. This is one of her favourite quotes...


Made In London

My latest papercut commission was this giraffe and elephant for a little baby boy (his heritage is cheekily explained in the speech bubbles!)



I was at the late view of the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea last night, and had been planning just to wander around and enjoy it without taking any notes about which artists I liked... until I saw some work I liked and before I knew it out came my phone and notes were taken! Here are my favourites, none of whom I'd heard of before which was a bonus (click on images to go to artists' websites):


At Last

My latest papercut - this one with the lyrics from Etta James' At Last - was for a first wedding anniversary. Apparently the jury's still out on whether the first year is paper or cotton though...


Tip Top

Months ago I bought a bargain 50x70cm Habitat frame from the local tip for the princely sum of £4. Of course I was thrilled with it, but ever since it has been propped up in my small bedroom, getting in the way. I've been umming and ahhing over what to put in it until this week when I finally decided what it needed. Here's the result - a new chandelier paper cut design. There's gold leaf on the candle flames although this photo doesn't show that very well. Finally, up on the wall where it belongs!



I had a couple of commissions just before Christmas for papercuts - one for a 30th birthday, one for a 1st birthday... apparently girls of any age appreciate a bit of pink, orange and gold!


When in Venice...

A couple of years ago a friend bought one of my bears as a present for her boyfriend. They call him 'beeb' (after my old label), and he's really become one of the family. So much so that they took him on holiday to Venice last year. And it sounds like the three of them had quite an adventure... I'll let these lovely photos speak for themselves...


Affordable Art Fair

Every year I'm surprised when the Affordable Art Fair comes round... where does time go? Last night was the late opening and, as is now tradition, here are some of my favourites (click on the images for website links):


Birthday Season

My friends have started turning thirty this year... eeekk! Gold leaf seems only right for such an important occasion...



I've gone reading crazy over the last couple of months. Here are the books I've read and loved recently, I'd wholeheartedly recommend all of them:


Bleu Blanc Rouge

Three new french-inspired card designs...


And finally...

...the last three pictures in the series started below...


Hearts and flowers

Hmmm, not as romantic a post as the title might suggest, but here are another couple in the same series as the horse below...


Wooden Horse

I've been working on a new series of pictures, using black painted outlines and bright, slightly offset colours. They might be destined for cards or prints... not sure yet, but here's one of them, a Dala horse: