Illustration Friday

The latest Illustration Friday word is "ahead". The old hare and tortoise story was the first thing that came to mind, but I've just realised a London Marathon theme would have been more fitting. I don't think either of these animals has just done 26 miles!!



Floral Fabrics

This afternoon I finally got round to trying out an idea I've had in my head for ages - some pictures that use fabric and hand sewing and paint. The plan is to do a series and mount them then have them for sale in my Etsy shop. They're in need of an iron, and these photos aren't the best, but...


Tea Time

Last weekend on my holiday by the sea we had a birthday tea party for a friend on the balcony of the house we were staying in. Inspired by Cornish tradition we made a Victoria sponge cake and turned it into a Clotted Cream Tea Cake by sandwiching it with jam and clotted cream. It was completely delicious and is highly recommended!!


Letter Box

My latest craft project for the lovely children's magazine Small is now online here. This is the finished product - cardboard oversized letters to hang on bedroom doors, or to spell out a word on a wall, or to have propped up on a mantelpiece. Inspired by the vintage-y letters you see in every interiors magazine going!


Linked In

I missed last week's Illustration Friday due to being on a little holiday by the sea in Cornwall. Now, back and with a pink nose to prove it, I wanted to get straight on the case with the most recent challenge - the word to illustrate is 'linked'. The fruit might not be an obvious choice, but it's the design that's linked, with two long black lines connecting everything in the picture...


Competition Time

This month's Tigerprint competition is to design a Mother's Day card around typography. My two - slightly hurried due to a sudden realisation of the deadline - entries are...


Exhibit A

This weekend I'm taking part in an exhibition in a little gallery in Bristol called Room 212, organised by Claire Platt and Camilla Stacey of Calm Air All Ice. The idea is that the girls have invited fifty-two artists to contribute three pieces each to the show, which is only on for a few days. Unfortunately I can't go and see it in person, but I've been browsing their pictures from the opening night (including a tiny image of my three dolls in the window) and it looks great!