Scrapbook Sunday

Today has been so summery and gorgeous. I've been painting little monsters and making a maquette for the Momiji Couture Contest. Lots of work to be done on this but it's a start!!

Here's a bleached, light filled page from my scrapbook to go with the day...


Great British Balls

Here's another eleventh-hour entry for the Tigerprint Best of British competition. All of England's most famous and best-loved ball games! Scale doesn't even get a look in here.

Scrapbook Sunday

Another Sunday, another scrapbook page. I love the Alexander Girard wooden figures. Urban Outfitters in the US have a new Girard homeware range, I wonder if they'll make it over to the UK...


Parlour Games

Tomorrow (Saturday), I've got a stall at an indoor market at The Papered Parlour, a very lovely looking artists' studio/venue in Clapham (my 'hood handily enough). I've been meaning to pop along there for ages, so am very excited to finally be going and to part of the market. Come if you can!


Competition Commission

I recently found out that greetings card company Tigerprint (who design the cards for Marks & Spencer and are part of Hallmark), run monthly (I think) competitions for designs on different themes. This month it's Best of British, and I thought I'd have a go! Here are my designs, I tried to think outside the box but, really, at least one union jack and a cup of tea had to feature...


Phantom Palette

I innocently took this photo of two paint palette plates because I thought the colours were pretty. Little did I know that there was something more sinister lurking in the midst of the pinks and greens... a strange man's face. It's a bit like when people see the image of Jesus on a piece of toast. I do hope I'm not the only one who can see it!


Looks Like Rain

This is a little gaggle of girls - or ladies really - made from papier mâché. They look a bit lost for words - or perhaps like they're all reminiscing together. I think the orange lady on the right is expecting rain, while the other two are a bit more optimistic about it all...


Flying The Flag

This is the union jack cushion I made a couple of weeks ago - using a combination of new and vintage fabrics and materials, silk, calico, lace, all sorts! The one I'd made before was on a square cushion, but I do think it looks much better on a rectangle, and it has a lovely goose feather cushion pad inside from John Lewis. Inspired by Viv, created by me!


Pick Up A Penguin

Here are my two latest Penguin pictures, the blue one done for my sister's birthday, and the green to fill a space on the wall in our living room. They're real book titles this time, and although I half wonder if Where Angels Fear To Tread isn't slightly menacing, I'm really happy with them! I've got another in the pipeline for my friends' housewarming - Where The Wild Things Are...


Coin Collection

Last year the Royal Mint launched new coins that had been designed by a competition winner Matthew Dent (whose website is well worth a look by the way). The coins are based on the Shield of the Royal Arms, each with a fragment that shows the whole when they're placed together as a set. I LOVE the design, and have been collecting the coins for what seems like an age... and finally here's my complete set, which I will never spend unless absolutely desperate!!