I was so ridiculously excited to see these little creatures I'd made a while back get their picture on the big screen (well, the internet). They're on sale in a tiny gallery in Cornwall owned by a friend, and every now and then we sell one, which is a disproportionate joy! They are - fairly unimaginatively - called Beebs, after my label, but it seems to suit them.

I also made these birds for the gallery, and gave one to a friend for her birthday a few months ago, and she loved it without knowing what on earth it was, until a few weeks ago when she told me how pleased she'd been with her 'half-moon cushion' (whatever that might be) and I had to tell her to turn it 90 degrees and look out for the eyes and wings!! Perhaps simple isn't always best.


Alicia Bock

I've just taken delivery of a gorgeous photographic print from Alicia Bock, bought from her Etsy store. It took quite a while to decide which to go for, having narrowed it down to the "Through the Viewfinder" series, which have such a great old-fashioned look to them. Finally I bit the bullet and went for this one, and it arrived so quickly and so well wrapped with a hand written note and a smaller print included, that now I'm just wondering when - and for whom - I can buy my next one! (I'm not sure what type of flowers these are, but I'm always drawn to them.)