Pantone Table

You've probably seen all the Pantone merchandise around - mugs, chairs, storage tins etc. - and I'm sure everyone's over it, but not me, so I decided the other day to paint our Ikea coffee table as a Pantone chip. The colour reference isn't accurate, which I suppose in a way defeats the object, but I think that's ok.


Eat Me

A while ago I came across Eat Me magazine in WH Smith. It's a beautifully printed quarterly food magazine with lots of great articles, recipes and restaurant reviews. I went to meet them the other week, and now one of my illustrations is being used on their website alongside a birthday cake memoir!


Ooh La Ladurée

Have you ever had macarons from Ladurée? They are heavenly! When I went to Paris a couple of years ago I bought three and ate them in the Tuileries, and then a couple of months ago a shop opened up in Covent Garden and my sister and I sat in the piazza and each had a salted caramel one. They're SO expensive and SUCH a treat!!