Black Beauty

Just thought I'd share this painting I did recently (well, as a Christmas present so not really that recent any more)...


A to Z

I'm on a paper cutting mission at the moment, having realised it's one of my favourite things to do creatively. So, I made a big alphabet for our wall at home, and am now doing a series of smaller pictures to sell in my online shop (hopefully done and on sale in the next few weeks).

Oh, and I thought I was very clever in realising that the H and the I in the alphabet would be next to each other and could make a nice message picked out in gold leaf, then found out by doing a Google images search that plenty of other people have already realised the very same thing (although executed differently)!!



Here's another new pattern, inspired by some flock wrapping paper that I have covering my desk drawers...


My sister Sasha has an enormous - and scarily comfortable - new sofa and she asked me to make her four big (50x50cm) cushion covers to add a bit of colour. And these are them...


On The Case

I've been very neglectful of my blog, and that's going to change. From today I'm self-imposing a new routine on my freelancing days as motivation has been running a bit low, so part of that is going to be to post new work here MUCH more often. To start with, here's a slightly Scandinavian-inspired pattern I've been doing this morning...


London Art Fair

A couple of weeks ago the London Art Fair was on. I'd never been before, but went along and really liked it. Usually I go to the Affordable Art Fair, and some of the same galleries were exhibiting here, but there were also a lot of very unaffordable pictures that were good to see. There were a couple of paintings by one of my favourite artists - although embarrasingly I didn't know his name until now - William Scott:

My other faves were... Chris Kenny who does brilliant and funny things with pieces of found text:

Simone Lia who has a great simple, quirky illustrative style:

Christine McArthur who paints simple subjects with lots of lovely texture and muted colours:

Charles Jamieson - that red!: