Post Secret

Earlier this week I popped along to the RCA Secret exhibition - where the Royal College of Art ask lots of students and artists (some very famous) to make a piece of work on a postcard, and they're all sold for £45, and you only find out once you've bought one who created it. I think it's a great idea, and here are some of my favourites out of a whopping 2,700 on display):


Rolling Out The Red Carpet

A few months ago I did some illustrations of some of the Oscar dresses from last year, and then suddenly the 2013 Oscars came around, and I thought I'd do the same again... (prizes for anyone who can guess all the actresses!!) (well, not prizes, but glory).


Final(ly) Cut

This has been a long time coming... but I've finally stocked my online shop with my latest papercuts - the tile ones (see below), and these wordy ones. A couple of the quotes are from Einstein (which surprised me when I found them - I'd always assumed Einstein quotes would be sciency and unintelligible, but it turns out many of them are just lovely).