Not shoes as the title suggests, but a new group of characters that I'm calling Flatties because they've come to life from drawings. I've just put four of these in my Etsy shop, and I'm selling them with a little original painting of each one - their own portrait!


Scrapbook Sunday

A bit of a dramatic, flowers-and-hot-pink-and-black theme to today's scrapbook pages...


We Make London

This time next week, I'll be taking part in another craft fair - this one is organised by We Make London, and is in a hall in Stoke Newington. I've been a visitor there before so am really looking forward to actually taking part and having my own stall!!

These are my dolls at the bottom of the flyer!!


Bearing Up

My post titles seem to be getting a bit punny! Anyway, here are my latest beeb bears - a group of six that I've just sent up north with the peg dolls from the other day. Hopefully they'll go down well up there!


Small Glory

Today the new issue of Small Magazine (a very lovely quarterly online magazine) came out, an event I've been waiting excitedly for for a while because... I contributed this issue's "Small Project" pages! I put together step by step instructions for making a simple card finger puppet family a while ago, and am completely thrilled to see it in print. Beyond my small glory, the whole magazine is well worth a browse, whether you have children or not.


Peg Legs

Here are my latest peg dolls, which I'm packing off to Yorkshire tomorrow for an art/craft sale. This time there are some with black hair and some with red, just to be fair. I must admit I think the black hair is pretty striking on the little ladies!!


Kristin Vestgård

When I was in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago we went to have a look at Kristin Vestgård's latest exhibition at Badcocks Gallery in Newlyn, "Inside Dreamers". Kristin is one of my all time favourite artists, and I always really look forward to seeing her new paintings in the annual exhibition they hold. They are so beautiful and ethereal with a slightly dark edge...

Here are some of my favourites, way out of my league price-wise, but still one can dream...

How it felt

Still life

Moments like these

**Images via Badcocks Gallery**


Scrapbook Sunday

Sunday evening again, and I've had a weekend full of lots of making - a union jack cushion for my sister, a new Penguin painting for our flat, some clothes peg dolls for a craft sale, some illustrations for a friend... photos of all those to come but for now here are a couple of scrapbook pages!

In fact, without knowing it, these pictures are quite representative of the things I've been making - the Penguin cups at the bottom (which crop up everywhere) and the blossom tree mural at the top (the illustrations I've been doing have blossom trees with chinese lanterns hanging from them). That seems to tie everything up nicely!


Playing Cards

I mentioned a week full of family birthdays. Well, now that it's over there's no need to keep anything secret... so here are the two other cards I made, for my sister and my Dad respectively, now gratefully received!!


Scrapbook Monday

I've just come home from a long weekend in Cornwall with my family, and now today (Monday) feels like a Sunday, so here are a couple of spreads from my scrapbook (coincidentally both a bit holiday-themed)!



Today I'm the featured shop on Papernstitch, an online curated exhibition/market that I've been taking part in for the last couple of weeks. The website and blog are great reads, very inspiring, and I'm thrilled to have my things on there (with links to Etsy where you can buy), amongst lots of lovely artists and makers.


Flat Pack

Since I've been doing a few collages with little characters in them, I thought I'd try making one in three dimensions, as a new type of doll. Here's a before (as drawing) and after (as doll). I'm really pleased with the result, and I love seeing something two-dimensional come to life, it's like magic. Not sure what I'll do with her, and she needs a name, but maybe there'll be more in the pipeline...


Birthday Season

This week is a week of family birthdays, kicked off yesterday with my sister Sophie (Happy Birthday Soph!). I'm making paper collage cards, here is the first one...