A friend is about to start teaching yoga classes to pregnant women (pre and post birth), and asked me to design a logo...


Book By Its Cover

I've been wanting to try and design a few book covers for my portfolio, here are my first two, both books I have at home (trying to conjure up some sunshine)...



My latest pattern...


Looking Up

It's been a while since I've posted a picture for Illustration Friday, but I really liked the theme this week - star gazing - and thought I'd do a simple drawing for it...


Nice Cuppa

I'd love my illustrations to be used on packaging one day, so I thought I'd give it a go as a portfolio project. May I introduce my fictional tea range (not coming soon to a store near you)!
{click for a clearer view}


French Birds

A while ago I did a screenprinting workshop at work and this was the result (might be familiar to eagle-eyed visitors!).

Here are some brand new designs I've done along the same theme...


Birds and Bees

My - slightly belated - July craft project for Small magazine is up on their blog now. It's a little cardboard mobile that was really fun to make and illustrate, but very hard to photograph with all those characters swinging around all over the place!