My Sister Sasha

I've got lots of sisters, and two of them make their living in Cornwall as very successful artists, which is very inspiring to me. I mentioned Sasha in my last post in the context of her dog Poppy... here are a few of her paintings and some links to her work online here, here and here. I'll show off some of Sophie's work tomorrow!


Daily Draw

This is my sister's dog, Poppy. When she goes for a walk on the beach she often pick stones/rocks up in her mouth and carries them along with her. It is excruciating to watch, but she seems perfectly happy!! She's getting on a bit, and her muzzle is nearly all white. This is sort of by way of introduction to my sister Sasha Harding, who's an artist and who I'm going to post about properly tomorrow...


Book Club

I've been on a bit of an Amazon frenzy lately, too many books not enough time (or money)... the most recent - and all are highly recommended - are:

Print & Pattern (fresh off the press, a spin-off from the blog)

100 Girls on Cheap Paper (by super-artist/illustrator Tina Berning

Naive (a gorgeous tome from my new favourite publishers Gestalten)


Lizard Lounge

Final installment of my animals 1-10 series... voila!


Animal Safari

Next up in my series of number and animals is quite an exotic pair...


Daily Draw

Gosh the weeks are flying past, I can't believe it's already time for another Illustration Friday. The latest theme is 'propagate', which I took in its chinese whispers-esque incarnation...

{click to enlarge}



Cats and Dogs

Continuing on yesterday's feline/canine theme, here are the next two in my series of numbers and animals. Taking this counting to ten lark very slowly (well two by two I suppose, in time-honoured fashion)!


Daily Draw

D O G ' S


Daily Draw

This is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday - the theme is 'Adrift'.


Penny Farthing

Today's picture has been on my to do list all week, it's for my flatmate who is creating a website for hobbies in London, and is a design for his gift voucher cards. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I think we're both happy with it, although I'm a bit freaked out by how much it looks like my Dad (unintentionally)!


Daily Draw

Girls and flowers, girls and flowers, for some reason always at the top of my mind! I might try and be a bit edgier tomorrow. Maybe.


Counting Crows

Well, not quite crows, but owls and toucans... to explain, I've been working on some illustrated animals and numbers up to ten (using the same first letter of the number for the animals if that makes sense). Here are one and two.

One owl sitting in an 'O'

Two toucans singing 'Hello'


Daily Draw

I came across a website/initiative called Illustration Friday yesterday - the idea is that each week there's a theme and illustrators post work relating to it. So this week it's 'muddy', and here's my first post (it's pretty literal)...


Crop Circles

This is my eleventh-hour entry for this month's Tigerprint competition - a Spring 2011 surface pattern... I decided to move away from the computer for this and got back to basics with silk, cotton, calico, paint and good old bondaweb.

Daily Draw

A peacock, why not?!


Daily Draw

On Saturday I went to a night here in London called Shake, Rattle and Bowl at a fifties-style bowling alley with a bar and dance floor. We didn't bowl but it was a great night, and hence...


Daily Draw

Topshop have got some new bags that are brown with a really gorgeous blue, and I thought I'd pay homage with today's illustration. It wasn't until I was colouring it up that I realised that in a Catchphrase sense - and completely unintentionally - if you "say what you see", it's the Sunday Blues, which I do in fact have a very slight touch of today!


Daily Draw

Another page from Madame Bovary - I picked up on the green silk cigar box described in the text, but god knows if this is what it should look like, I think perhaps the cigars could be a bit more elegant and refined!!


Daily Draw

Today I've tried something new - I had a spare copy of Madame Bovary on my desk at work (really!), and thought I'd try some drawings on its pages. It felt a bit sacrilegious tearing them out, but it was worth it. I think I'm going to develop this a bit, maybe picking up on certain words or sentences on the page...


Daily Draw

Day three of the daily draw project and all is well, not sure how long this pace will last but like I said, I'll endeavour!!


Daily Draw

I wasn't sure where the desire to draw bodypoppers came from, then I realised I'd seen some out of the corner of my eye on tv last night, and it must have stuck. I can't help smiling when I see hiphop moves (and I can't resist an illuminated disco dance floor)!


Daily Draw

I'm going to try something. I'm going to try and draw a picture every day on my lunch break at work (no theme, whatever comes to mind), colour it up and post it here. It might not be every single day, but I will endeavour!


Still filling up my illustration portfolio, and with hair on my mind since a visit to the hairdressers at the weekend, I thought I'd conjure up some lustrous locks! The freckles just seemed to follow...