Looking through my scrapbook the other day I couldn't help but notice an awful lot of Moroccan-y tiles that I've torn out of magazines... so I thought I try designing some of my own!


Colourful Cards

Some new card designs that build on one I showed a few weeks ago as part of a competition... now I just need to find someone to publish them!!



This week has been very exciting... I've gone part time in my day job to have more time to illustrate and paint. Working from home is taking a bit of getting used to, but it's very exciting! And hopefully it'll mean more work to share here, and more time for posting. These are some patterns I've made for Tigerprint's Male Pattern competition...



At the moment cushions seem to me to make good birthday presents for domesticated sisters, this is one I made for my sister Sasha a few weeks ago. She's got lots of chickens in her garden, hence...