Forwarding Address

I've just launched a new portfolio website, and have integrated blog posts into it, so from now on you can find my blog at www.bessharding.co.uk/category/blog. Please do pop on over!


In The Stars

I've just started illustrating a horoscope for my portfolio, using a sort of new collagey style. First up, Leo:



Yep, it's that time of year again, Affordable Art Fair time, and I'm not even going to go into how soon it seems to have come round! I went to the private view last night, and here are my favourites...


Red Carpet Review

I seem to have a burgeoning tradition of illustrating actresses from Oscars night. Today I got straight on the case, and here's this year's effort (with two older ones below, just because). I'd be tempted to offer a prize to anyone who can name all the actresses!



Now that I'm a full time freelancer, I've been trying to make a quick image every morning, using different materials, and drawing whatever comes to mind, as a sort of exercise (no pun intended). Yesterday I had a yoga class at lunchtime, so my morning picture was of me two hours in the future. And I couldn't help laughing when in the actual class we really did do this pose! I might turn it into a bit of a series, with different people doing different poses...



(Excuse the pun)! I wasvintending to draw some perfume bottles to add to my portfolio today, but hadn't chosen which ones, then the Emerald Street daily email came through with an article musing on which perfumes different female writers would have worn. So I thought I might as well illustrate the ones they'd picked out...