Daily Draw

I'm going to try something. I'm going to try and draw a picture every day on my lunch break at work (no theme, whatever comes to mind), colour it up and post it here. It might not be every single day, but I will endeavour!


Beau Peep said...

Hi B!

Happy New Year! Hope you're well - I've been LOVING your posts lately - some really beautiful illustrations. I'm writing (trying to do an hour a day) and am working on some childrens poems...when I'm done, could I send them your way to have a look at? If you like them, I was wondering if you would like to do some illustrations for them? I've got a friend in publishing that we could send them off to. No rush or pressure, as it's rare opportunities that I get that golden hour!
Love Helenx

Daisy said...

B, you are so clever, your illustrations are divine xxx