Patrick Heron

The last time I went to the Tate Modern, it was to see a Cy Twombly exhibition. It was a bit of a treat, as although I go there quite often (that stretch of the South Bank from Waterloo to London Bridge is one of my favourite parts of the city), I don't remember ever having paid to see a specific exhibition, because there's so much to see for free anyway. Well, my friend is now a member so we got to see the Cy Twombly for free, which was great. I love gallery shops, and almost always buy something - usually a couple of postcards or a notebook. This time though, the paintings we saw had made me feel quite inspired, and I ended up buying this book on Patrick Heron, who I'd heard of from the Tate St. Ives. When I picked it up I thought it'd be horribly expensive, as it's really big, and has loads of images, but it was quite reasonable and I thought it would be a lovely addition to my pretty much non-existent (non-fictionally) library, which it is except my bookshelves are too narrow so it just moves from surface to surface in my bedroom at the moment. 

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