NYC Stories # 1: Specials

I've just read a post over on Café Mode about the new Marc Jacobs shop in Paris, mentioning his "Specials" range of weird and wonderful accessories at miniscule prices. Well, I went to New York a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend, and was staying round the corner from the dedicated Marc Jacobs Specials shop on Bleecker Street. Every time I tried to go there I was too early and it wasn't open yet, but on my last day, in fact my last hour, I decided to give it one last go, and boy was I glad I did!! The shop is tiny, and was pretty hectic, but they had some fab things. I bought a large version of a canvas bag I'd had my eye on for months (seen on the Internet, never in real life), this chunky turquoise and silver bracelet, and a t-shirt that's already had lots of good comments. 

It was a very successful end to an otherwise pretty much shopping-free weekend. It's strange, normally designer labels don't do anything for me (which is just as well, money-wise), but Marc Jacobs has some kind of magnetic pull, maybe it's a combination of the logo, the humour in his designs, the man himself.... and of course the fact that these particular items are very affordable is a huge bonus!

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