Coming Up Roses

As mentioned below, I'm off to Paris, and during my research into places to go, things to do and food to eat, a few shops and cafes have kept coming up, one of which is Rose Bakery. I've known about it since I bought my sister the lovely Breakfast, Lunch, Tea cookbook a couple of years ago, and now keep reading very very good things about the food there. And... there are two branches in the city so it shouldn't be hard to bump into one of them.

Also, I was arranging a bunch of flowers at work today and kept getting my fingers pricked by rose thorns, which felt a lot like a sewing injury, so I put all these things together and made this embroidery in honour!!

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Beau Peep said...

The embroidery is beautiful - it reminds me of an old favourite cardi I used to live in....

Have a fab time in Paris!