Try, try, and try again

As the title suggests, I've been trying very hard. But at what? Well, I wanted to make some new dolls that would be a bit of a mix of my existing ones and the my peg dolls. And I wanted them to be a bit quicker to make and therefore sellable at a reasonably low price.

And yet... these four ended up taking an awfully long time, because I did two rounds of four before I got to these, that either popped open along stretched seams or that had to be abandoned with half their heads stuck in their bodies (sounds a bit gruesome doesn't it?). I was determined to overcome any design faults, and got there in the end. The final group may not have the elegant necks of their predecessors, but they work and that is something! And now that I know what to do I want to make lots!

The rejects


Beau Peep said...

These are so lovely!!! Well done! xxx

Tonia said...

Absolutely love these: very sweet!