Queen of Hearts

I've been a terrible poster over the last few weeks, as I've been moving home. The internet connection is still to come, but I thought I'd pop on this illustration I did yesterday. I wanted to do a nice version of the usual playing card designs, which when you look closely at them, are really quite ugly! And of course the romantic in me chose the Queen of Hearts as the one to do!


Tonia said...

That really is a lot nicer than the usual card designs! Hope your internet gets sorted soon!

Rona Wedmore said...

WOW... This's just way too accurate. Like, I might even grab this Queen Art through my hands even though it's not tangible, LOL. I mean, the edit is just too authentic. Similar to how those experts that provide me the best essay editing services pan out to be. Nothing but accuracy.

jamesmith said...

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