Baby Shower

One of my sisters will be having a baby imminently, which is extremely exciting and also a brilliant excuse for lots of us girls to get together for a good old-fashioned British Baby Shower, as seen in Sex and the City and Friends (hmmm maybe not quite so traditionally British but hey ho!). Rather than get overwhelmed and buy up half of baby Gap, I made a couple of presents for the baby's room - a mobile and this soft toy, which is a bit of a development of my "beeb" characters, but with a dedicated face area, which I've seen other people do in illustrations and which I think looks quite sweet and quirky. Now I want to make lots more, with my label sewn in, and put them on my as-yet-unused-but-ready-and-waiting Etsy page.

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carakempster said...

Finally i have managed to log onto your fab blog.

What a gorgeous time in Cornwall, i can't believe the next time we are down there there will be a new 'harding' addition. Loving your 'beeb'!!