New Beebs

A few weeks ago I made a brand spanking new, updated, version 2.0 "beeb" soft toy (for my sister's Baby Shower). I was really happy with it, so made a pattern, and decided to make this collection of eight, which I've just finished.

I'm planning to put them on my etsy site, which I've had for an absolute age but haven't got round to making enough things to list and sell on there.

All I need to do is take some good photos of each of these toys and pop them in my very own internet shop. I've been spending some time on a currency converter website trying to figure out how many dollars to charge for them (as etsy is international but based in the US, so all transactions are done in $).
Ooh, perhaps once I've made my fortune in dollars I'll have the perfect excuse to go on a long weekend shopping trip in New York. Better get snapping (and sewing for that matter)!!

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